Last Updated May 4, 2005

Real Name: alexisdanielle kakegumick

AlexiS DaniellE Kakegumick
*Keewaywin* 2 years old!!*
I like getting mad at mommy when she's not fast enough to do the things i want done..when i don't get things right away i say shuy and run to my room and slam the door and be mundizz
mommys gonna embearass me
one time I wanted to go with papa n the boys but papa said noo i kept being sweet saying pahleasee over n over again i got mad and walked off then said shuy then i crossed my arms and said geezz. they thought that was cute but i wanted to go out ..mommy had to put that in  
I love you Azaraih!!
I love to bug my mommy lots i lub her so much she does every thing for me
My Likes....I play with my dolls, Climb up every where I can, Give my self a bath when mommy's busy with my Uncle Curtis, Colour my books, and be sweet when I wanna be, Be a bully to the boys, Throw a temper when I don't get my way,...,,,,heheheh,,,I like my popcicles and ice cream, make a mess,,being held by my mommy, taking my clothes off after mommy puts them on, wearing dresses that twirl when i spin, putting big socks on, putting on make up..
My dislikes,,,,,Not getting a bath everyday, getting bullied by the boys, getting things taken away, not having popcicles and ice cream, wearing clothes, putting my toys away, boys taking my doll heads off,
Grandma, Papa , Kokom, Goobish, Uncle's, Auntie's and cousins
waves hi 2 Jacey and Tasha, and other lil 1 n 2 n 3 years old in kww
dats it buhbye mommy will add later
come back again soon



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